Festival Package


One of the most important festivals celebrated by the Tamil people, with origins more than 1000 years old, is Pongal. A harvest festival, it is usually celebrated during “Thai”, the 10th month of the Tamil calender, January in the Gregorian calender. It shows appreciation to the Sun God for providing the energy for agriculture. People prepare for almost a month in advance. At dawn, womenfolk embellish the floors with colourful patterns called “Kolam” using rice powder. Traditional dwellings are whitewashed with limestone.


The first day of Pongal, ‘Bhogi’, signifies the welcoming of the new and letting go of the past. A community bonfire is lit to burn the discards.


The main event on the second day is Thai Pongal. Milk is cooked in a clay pot and when it starts to boil over, rice from the new harvest is added to it (Pongal dish). The sweet version includes cardamom, raisins and jaggery while the savoury is with green gram and cashewnut. Homes are decorated with mango leaf and banana leaf.


Cattle is regarded as a great source of wealth for providing dairy, fertilizer and labour for ploughing and transportation so they are afforded great affection and appreciation on the third day called “Mattu Pongal”. The horns of oxen and buffaloes are painted in bright colours. Cows are bathed, decorated and fed with jaggery, banana, honey and fruits.

The last day marks the end of festivities for the year. Sugarcane is chewed leisurely while families hold reunions and thank friends and relatives for their support.

Festivities we offer:kolam

  • Pongal dish preparation, sugarcane

  • Teaching of ‘Kolam’, traditional designs with rice flour

  • Traditional lunch on banana leaf

  • Mattu Pongal in the village

  • Evening fire dance by village troupe

  • Indian attire to rent

We take a minimum group of 4 at ₹ 2,500/- per person
*Cost for children below 5 years of age is free
*Cost for children between 5-15 years of age is ₹ 1250/- per child